Maryann Dantuano from the Vincentian Center for Church and Society at St. John’s University in Queens, New York discusses accountability and the development of an annual report for your parish.  How can the Parish Finance Council assist the pastor in designing, publishing and explaining an annual report to inform and educate parishioners about the status of the parish’s ministries and financial standing.

This and other videos can be found at the Video Training Resources for Catholic Parishes - A collaborative effort of The Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership and the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development.

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Attached is an in-house annual report we did for our parish this year. This is only the second year that we did something like this. In previous years, we simply printed a 2-page report with the pastor's letter on one side and the report on the other.


At the Sacred Heart Center in Richmond, we strive for transparency and open information. Here is one way we share information - Now to finish this year's audit! Greetings to all other nonprofits that support the Standards of Excellence and thanks to NLRCM!  


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