How do you engage your parish in developing Standards of Excellence?

We want to learn from other parishes who have implemented the Standards of Excellence Program in their parish. How do WE engage our parish in creating the 55 standards so they buy into their implementation? We would like to hear about your successes and failures in this process.  Thank you for your consideration!!

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This posting is quite old.  I am more than willing to share how my Parish is developing and applying Standards of Excellence.  The answer to getting buy-in is closely related to how urgent you can make the Parish community to feel.  For St. Rose of Lima, Chula Vista, this is not difficult.  We have a very normal Mission Statement, but find that it is not possible to achieve the Mission as things presently exist.  So, our situation is a matter of survival.  When I explain this to people, they are suprised at such a strong statement, but after a short period of thought, they signal their agreement.

If anyone is interested, I can continue the story in future replies.  I would also like to hear your story.


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