Whenever we went into a store, a museum, someone's house, etc, etc, my Mom used to say to us children: "Look; don't touch!" In a recent article, Patricia Bellinger of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School offers similar advice to nonprofit board members: "Nose in, fingers out."    

Finally, don't rubber-stamp the organization's strategic plan and budget, but rather bring your "A-game" skills and offer them freely. That said, great advice a friend gave me on the wise approach to board service is, "Nose in, fingers out!"

You can read the full article here at the Bridgespan Group which is a wonderful resource for nonprofits. Leadership Roundtable member, Tom Tierney, is Chairman and Co-founder. 

How does your board distinguish between governance and management roles and responsibilities? Are board expectations clear? Do you provide orientation for new members? Catholic Standards for Excellence provide guidance, templates, and accountability mechanisms for best practices in this area.

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