I visited a parish recently where the pastor was looking for someone to collaborate with him in the operations of the parish.  As expressed, the pastor sought to have someone who could alleviate most of the administrative burden so the pastor could "be" the pastor of the parish and focus on the pastoral life of the community.

I share the position description here as a sample of what one parish is doing to both prioritize the pastoral life of the community while ensuring the good stewardship of resources. Parishes are not the only place where this style of leadership is being practiced.  Archbishop Kurtz of the Archdiocese of Louisville has a similar approach with his Chancellor.

I would add to this position description that the position might also include elements of stewardship and development (creating the systems to harness the time, talent, and treasure of the parish community).

If you have any sample position descriptions of similar positions or examples of how such a role is functioning in your parish I would invite you to share them.


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This is one job description that I need to see. We are in such need of another person to reduce the work load off of our very-overworked pastor. Although we have stabilized the parish fiscally, we are still struggling with needing to direct our energies away from maintenance and focus on re-creating a mission. 

We are seeing an increase in our collection but not enough to add a staff member. So this is a position very much needed, but will not be added any time soon.

Just recently the pastor and I where joking about what kind of person could fill this kind of job and said, " someone who has building manager's experience, who went to graduate school for religious education, possess' the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job, the tenacity of Mother Theresa, the accounting skills of an accountant, and who wants to work basically for free"

Oh, I said... I guess we need another priest. " Send one if you have an extra one" he replied.

Here is a job description I assisted a Parish in developing for a similar role



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