I am looking for a resource to teach time and task management in ministry to allow new diocesan employees and their supervisors, who have high energy but low management experience, to maximize the best use of their time.  This would include the values and methodologies of priorities, realistic goal setting, personal management, and collaborative work habits.

Ted Furlow

Diocese of San Bernardino


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Hi Ted,

Here are a few items I have found immensely helpful in the areas of time and task management:

The first is a powerpoint presentation that we have used to work with pastors in their first 6 months of a new parish.  Of particular importance has been the graphic on when to change something in the parish (slide 20).  The equation asks the questions: How far away from what is expected is the action(Amplitude)?  How often does it occur(frequency)?  How many people does it impact(mass)?

I would recommend the following resources regarding good meetings and and strategic decision-making:

Death by meetings, by Patrick Lencioni

A short video by the author: Meting Stew

Execution, By Larry Bossidy



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