Affiliate Groups

An Affiliate Group is any national or local organization/association, a diocesan cluster of parishes, or religious community that chooses to have an exclusive forum for their own designated constituency (e.g. pastors within a diocese, members of an association, parish business managers of a diocese, etc.) on the Catholic Standards for Excellence forum.

Pastors of a particular diocese can raise particular human resource issues related to their (arch)diocese.  Religious community members can share a particular financial control practice with other community members across the country.  A stewardship association member can poll other association members quickly and easily through the use of the interactive tools available through the forum.

Affiliate Groups benefit from having a closed forum for their own constituents while gaining access to the interdisciplinary wisdom and experiences shared within the larger learning community.  For example, a member of a human resource association can ask a question of a civil lawyer who specializes in the law as it relates to the Catholic Church.

To request the development of an Affiliate Group please contact Peter Denio at

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