Community Guidelines

Focus: Management in the Catholic Church

This learning community is dedicated to the management of the resources of the Catholic Church.  Theology, which touches every aspect of life, is not the primary entry point for these forum discussions but rather our activities (temporal affairs), formed and informed by our faith in service to the Church.  Likewise, while theories and practices of management in the public and private sectors will be applied in the setting of the Catholic Church this forum is not intended for discourses of management set outside the Catholic setting.  Topics unrelated to the temporal activity of the Catholic Church should be shared in another setting.  

Make Positive Contributions

As an online learning community this forum seeks to encourage and share ideas and free thinking related to management issues in the Catholic Church.  Trust and respect enhance dialogue and new thinking.  To this end, each member has the responsibility to make positive contributions to this forum.  Disagreements and divergent viewpoints are welcome and likely to occur but must be shared in a manner reflective of how we are called to participate in a Christian community.

Any posting deemed inappropriate or a threat to other members' participation in the forum by a perceived lack of respect or disrupting the trust established in the learning community will be removed.  The member in breach of this guideline will be contacted by the forum administrator, referred to these community guidelines and, depending on the severity of the post, be removed from the forum.

Share Ideas Freely

This forum as been created to serve those interested in and responsible for the good stewardship of the resources of the Catholic Church.  It is the belief of the Leadership Roundtable that good people are willing to give of themselves and their experiences to benefit the mission of the Church.  It is the hope that members of this forum are willing to share their ideas freely and generously with others.  When ideas and resources are not the member's own, proper acknowledgement should be made.  Copyrighted materials should only be posted with approval.

Some people who participate in this forum make their living by offering management expertise and counsel to others in the Catholic Church.  This forum is not a place for the advertising or solicitation of services.  Members are welcome, however, to use their member page to share information about their work, memberships, and affiliations.



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