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We can all use a little push!

Patrick Lencioni has what I think is a fantastic article about leaders pushing those they lead to higher levels of achievement.  I think publicly in the Church leaders are perceived as generally too "pushy" but internally - meaning in the day to day work and ministry in a parish - we are perceived as generally too lax.  Lencioni is speaking about the internal leadership of an organization and I think it specifically applies to parish life and ministry.  

Parish leaders can…


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Mapping the Road to Retirement

Retiring is just another part of your life journey that will bring years filled with serenity and tranquillity. With love, peacefulness and faith in your heart, the years to come will be the happiest ones yet. By embracing and preparing for this new chapter in your life, you’ll ensure that your retirement isn’t burdened by worries or regrets, but rather blessed with loving moments with your family and friends.…


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Challenges and opportunities for Catholic Schools serving Hispanic Families

Boston College recently produced a report outlining challenges and opportunities for Catholic Schools serving Hispanic Catholic families.  This graph shows just how underserved Hispanic Catholic families are in Catholic schooling:

To see the full report and especially the challenges and opportunities present to Catholic schools in the "Emerging…


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The Gift of Administration

I have recently used The Gift of Administration by Fr. Don Senior in presentations related to church management and have found it a helpful resource to ground the temporal affairs of our Church in scripture and theology.  In particular, his reminder from St. Paul that administration is a gift from God for the Church and how our…


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Budgets and Disciples

Giving financially as a spiritual act of discipleship is part of our growth as disciples--not an optional, extra add on for those who are "rich" or do "financial planning" to make major gifts to charities and the like. If you've decided that percentage giving (sometimes called tithing, though historically this would specifically refer to 10%) is the form of giving most…


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One innovative church management practice that has been working for me in my ministry that I feel would benefit others working in the Church

More participation and commitment in the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) by directly electing Small Christian Communities representatives from the grassroot up.

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Electronic Giving

Our parish is looking to expand the electronic giving in order to provide our parishioners with an easy way to support the mission of our church. There are currently 576 families of the 2,845 registered families who take advantage of this method of giving. My Development Committee has asked how the 20% compares to the national average. Is there a national average? 

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The most meaningful jobs in America

This just in from Business Insider...PayScale asked over 2 million professionals whether their work is meaningful, and ranked almost 500 professions based on the percentage of people in each of those jobs who answered "yes." 

Read more here…

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Creating a strong leadership team for a parish

Patrick Lencioni delivered the following keynote at the recent Amazing Parish's conference in Denver.  

The video is worthy of viewing for any pastoral leader:

Patrick Lencioni from the Amazing parish on Vimeo.

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The Vatican leads the way in tapping into the expertise of the laity

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter reports here today on a significant shift in the Vatican that involves tapping into the secular expertise of outside consultants in the areas of communications, finance and management. In the two cases he cites, it is a lay-dominated commission that has engaged the experts:



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Training Opportunity at 2014 Mid Atlantic Congress - REGISTER NOW

The Leadership Roundtable will provide leadership training tracks for Bishops, Diocesan Leaders, Priests, and Parish Leaders as part of the 2014 Mid Atlantic Congress to be held in Baltimore, February 27 - March 1. National experts will lead 14 sessions on the Stewardship of Parish Finances, Managing Parish Personnel, and Diocesan Leadership…


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HHS Mandate

The Catholic Dioceses of Erie and Pittsburgh won an important challenge to the HHS Mandate last week.  The story is here:…


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Updates for STOW Roadmap

Peter: Attached please find my 11/20/2014 Roadmap Update for our use in discussions this afternoon I am going to send a copy of this document to our team.



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Make room for young people in leadership

Investing young adults with leadership would be a "win-win," says Leadership Roundtable Communications Manager, Michael O'Loughlin. It would evangelize and strengthen the faith of young leaders and increase the vitality, creativity and energy of the church. Read Mike's challenging article …


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How Pope Francis Leads: A Q&A with Chris Lowney

Chris Lowney was a keynote speaker at the Leadership Roundtable's annual conference in June of this year (view video here).  He has just published a new book on leadership, Pope Francis: Why he leads the way he…


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Six deadly barriers to leadership and mission

The number one roadblock for most organizations is complacency. Allowing complacency to grow can be deadly. Often times, parish leaders and volunteers start out with a high level of enthusiasm for the mission. And then one of two things often happens.

  • The complacency level of the parish is high and so the initiatives of the leadership team sink from lack of broad community interest.
  • Or the leadership team has some initial success, and they themselves become satisfied…

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Leadership Credibility

It's interesting how we want to go back 35 years and judge church leaders and scrutinize their behaviors. The reputation of church leaders today is often determined by how Christian, how righteous and how virtuous their actions were so many years ago. And we use today's standards, with the 20-20 vision of hindsight, to judge yesterday's behaviors.
Such is the case with Pope Francis, who has been critized today for not doing enough to stop the torture and…

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The Mission of Papa Francis

In Chicago, I do not think anyone is smiling more broadly than Cardinal Archbishop George, Francis George, that is. Our own Francis has regularly appealed to us to get to the margins, to advocate and serve victims of violence, discrimination, and poverty.

The selection of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Christ's Vicar--and the humble surety with which he accepted the…


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Transformational Leadership

This is a great question.  Burn-out is a major concern for all who work in the church.   

Research on transformational leadership explains how leaders can intrinsically motivate and re-fuel their people in four ways:

  • inspirational motivation -…

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Generosity and Leadership

The Notre Dame Institute for Church Life released a very important study entitled, "Unleashing Catholic Generosity". 

Major findings include:

  • Catholics are less likely than Protestants to "tithe" to their parish or give to religious…

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