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We can all use a little push!

Patrick Lencioni has what I think is a fantastic article about leaders pushing those they lead to higher levels of achievement.  I think publicly in the Church leaders are perceived as generally too "pushy" but internally - meaning in the day to day work and ministry in a parish - we are perceived as generally too lax.  Lencioni is speaking about the internal leadership of an organization and I think it specifically applies to parish life and ministry.  

Parish leaders can…


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Challenges and opportunities for Catholic Schools serving Hispanic Families

Boston College recently produced a report outlining challenges and opportunities for Catholic Schools serving Hispanic Catholic families.  This graph shows just how underserved Hispanic Catholic families are in Catholic schooling:

To see the full report and especially the challenges and opportunities present to Catholic schools in the "Emerging…


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The Gift of Administration

I have recently used The Gift of Administration by Fr. Don Senior in presentations related to church management and have found it a helpful resource to ground the temporal affairs of our Church in scripture and theology.  In particular, his reminder from St. Paul that administration is a gift from God for the Church and how our…


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Creating a strong leadership team for a parish

Patrick Lencioni delivered the following keynote at the recent Amazing Parish's conference in Denver.  

The video is worthy of viewing for any pastoral leader:

Patrick Lencioni from the Amazing parish on Vimeo.

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Meaningful Engagement of Young Adults

The following is a excerpt from the discussion of a work group at the Leadership Roundtable's Annual Meeting regarding engaging young adults.  What suggestions, ideas, or responses to this discussion would you add?  How have you engaged young adults in a replicable and scaleable way?

"Emerging Adults” = identity exploration, instability, self-focused, in-between, possibilities (18-24)

  • Mentorship is important
  • Religion does matter and makes a difference…

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THE one thing that matters in pastoral leadership...

In perhaps the best article I have read IN YEARS on parish pastoral leadership found on the Faith and Leadership website at Duke University's Divinity School, Paul Feela offers the following:

Despite feeling inadequate in administration, Paul…


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Vocation of the Business Leader

This past Friday the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace released  the educational aid Vocation of the Business Leader (Business%20Leader%20Vocation.pdf).  While targeted at the world of business, we might seek to explore how the principles adhere in a pastoral or Church setting, much like the Catholic Standards for…


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