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The most meaningful jobs in America

This just in from Business Insider...PayScale asked over 2 million professionals whether their work is meaningful, and ranked almost 500 professions based on the percentage of people in each of those jobs who answered "yes." 

Read more here…

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The Vatican leads the way in tapping into the expertise of the laity

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter reports here today on a significant shift in the Vatican that involves tapping into the secular expertise of outside consultants in the areas of communications, finance and management. In the two cases he cites, it is a lay-dominated commission that has engaged the experts:



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Training Opportunity at 2014 Mid Atlantic Congress - REGISTER NOW

The Leadership Roundtable will provide leadership training tracks for Bishops, Diocesan Leaders, Priests, and Parish Leaders as part of the 2014 Mid Atlantic Congress to be held in Baltimore, February 27 - March 1. National experts will lead 14 sessions on the Stewardship of Parish Finances, Managing Parish Personnel, and Diocesan Leadership…


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Make room for young people in leadership

Investing young adults with leadership would be a "win-win," says Leadership Roundtable Communications Manager, Michael O'Loughlin. It would evangelize and strengthen the faith of young leaders and increase the vitality, creativity and energy of the church. Read Mike's challenging article …


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How Pope Francis Leads: A Q&A with Chris Lowney

Chris Lowney was a keynote speaker at the Leadership Roundtable's annual conference in June of this year (view video here).  He has just published a new book on leadership,…


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Great homily, Father!

Today I received a question from a Pastor in Connecticut:

Are you familiar with an instrument for homily evaluations, something to be given out to parishioners and filled out by them?

In addition to asking the question on our CatholicPastor.org forum, I am interested to hear if anyone on this forum has experience of such an evaluation tool and can recommend something.

Many thanks.…


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Not even the most talented and motivated employees can run on empty

I can't imagine anyone who works for the Church or a Catholic nonprofit feeling that they have too much on their plate ;-) but just in case you know of someone who may be experiencing fatigue at work...

There is an excellent post on the…


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Boston Archdiocesan affiliates gather to discuss operational best practices

The Pilot diocesan newspaper in Boston reports on a recent gathering of more than 25 leaders of archdiocesan affiliates  to create connections, learn about archdiocesan resources, discuss common challenges, and review operational best practices that increase organizational sustainability.

In attendance were representatives from archdiocesan schools, including Cristo Rey Boston, Trinity Catholic…


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Who is YOUR "Accountability Partner"?

The new Pro Football season will soon be upon us.  Whether or not you follow sport or the NFL in particular, you are likely to have heard of Tim Tebow; perhaps the most famous back-up quarterback of all time!  An article in USA Today contains the usual celebrity content but what caught my attention was Tebow describing a friend who acts as his "accountability partner"

"My friend doesn't tell me what I want to hear. He tells me what I need to hear, and that's…


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"Managing" Multiple Parishes in Boston

As the Archdiocese of Boston continues its multi-year reorganization of parishes into "Pastoral Collaboratives", pastors and lay leaders continue to wrestle with the challenges.…


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Unusual study asks former Catholics why they left the Church. I wonder where that idea came from?

Do you know why people are leaving your parish?

Speaking to the Leadership Roundtable in 2008, Mr Larry Bossidy, retired Chairman & CEO of

Honeywell International suggested that parishes conduct exit interviews to find out.

The first [suggestion] is to establish a parish committee for the retention of Catholics. In other words, when people drop out of the Church, do exit interviews to find out why they are leaving. There are a number of common reasons why…


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Pastoral Leadership in a Catholic Megaparish

Jeff Parrott has a fascinating article in US Catholic, Where 20,000 or 30,000 are gathered: Life in a Catholic megaparish,

Leadership Roundtable member Sr. Katarina Schuth is quoted in the article:

“She says tomorrow’s priests and lay leaders must be prepared to deal with the…


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Attracting the "best and brightest" into ministry

Ross Douthat writing on Religion and the Social Crisis recently in the New York Times raised the important question of how we attract "the best and brightest" into Church ministry.:

"Institutions are only as strong as their personnel, and the major religious bodies in the United States have struggled mightily since the 1960s to attract large numbers of…


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How do we double the 3 percent of Latino families enrolled in Catholic Schools?

Catholic leaders recognize that for Catholic schools to flourish, we must be more successful in attracting Latino families to enroll their children and have to find ways to ensure Catholic education is affordable to these families.

This was one of the topics featured at the Leadership Roundtable's 2011 conference at Georgetown University focusing on FROM ASPIRATIONS TO ACTION: Solutions…


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U.S. Catholic Survey: 10 Years After the Dallas Charter to Protect Children

The Catholic Standards for Excellence call for full implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth.

10 Years after the sexual abuse crisis erupted in the Catholic Church, U.S. Catholic is conducting a…


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Lenten Blessings!

Message of Pope Benedict XVI for Lent 2012. "Let us be concerned for each other, to stir a response in love and good works." (Heb 10:24)

"The Lenten season offers us once again an opportunity to reflect upon the very heart of Christian life: charity. This is a favourable time to renew our journey of faith, both as individuals and as a community, with the help of the word of God and the sacraments. This journey is one marked by prayer and sharing, silence and fasting, in…


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New Cardinal doesn't like being called CEO, despite major administrative responsibilities

The largest diocese in Canada is in transition and at it's helm is new Cardinal, Thomas Collins.  The Toronto Star explores the…


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National Standards, anyone?

An editorial in the February 27, 2012 issue of America magazine calls for transparency, accountability and national standards for financial stewardship at all levels of the Catholic Church:

"To be proper stewards of the financial resources they have been given, church officials must adopt transparent and fiscally responsible practices at all levels. A national…


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Full Tuition Scholarships - Lay Ecclesial Ministry Students

The Leadership Roundtable is proud to co-sponsor the National Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry which has met at Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN in 2007 and 2011.

Over 40 Catholic organizations and…


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Be inspired...

A great five-minute video from the St. Thomas More Newman Center at Ohio State University. 

Will put a smile on your face and give you great hope for the future

Visit EsteemLeadership.org for more…


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