12 Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Dale Roach provides us with 12 characteristics of effective leaders and also suggests that every successful team needs an effective leader:

Effective leadership has certain, basic, visionary, characteristics. The aim of a strong leader is to translate their “vision” into reality.  So, how is this done? An Effective Leader is a Risk-Taker..."

Twelve is a great number, but are there any characteristics you would add to the list?

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Comment by Jim Lundholm-Eades on February 14, 2012 at 6:35pm

Effective leaders: 12 characteristics! If only I could learn those 12 things off by heart I'd be an effective leader!!! Naaah, not really. I suggest that effective leaders essentially do all of those 12 things, but as Margaret Wheatley says "after relationship, there is nothing." Leadership is essentially a way of relating to the world around one. The relationships of effective leaders, in my experience in he Church, are characterized by an alignment of the relationship with the divine and relationships with people and the world. The closer that alignment, the more effective leader! For those of us who once taught Confirmation classes, those relationships are described in Galatians 5. In other words leadership is a spiritual lifestyle and al that this entails. John on the Cross tells us that for those who choose a spiritual journey, the dark nights are not an option. Even the best, most effective leaders experience their dark nights. Being right all the time, being at perfect peace, being on top of everything, these are not the signs of a an effective leader: An effective leader puts one foot after the other just like anyone else. The difference is one of faith in God, that whatever happens nothing we can do will thwart the belief in the second coming of Christ. An effective leader in the Church operates from a position that has no fear of their own journey, and so can help others in theirs. I just thought I'd add this dimension to the 12 characteristics of effective leaders Michel has given us.


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