The Catholic Dioceses of Erie and Pittsburgh won an important challenge to the HHS Mandate last week.  The story is here: HHS Story.  As the article explains, the judge granted an injunction sought by the Dioceses and several affiliated nonprofit groups that do not want their insurance administrators to provide sterilization and contraception services.  The injunction allows them to continue to offer insurance that does not include such services while litigation continues.


The article explains:

The judge wrote that he "is constrained to understand why religious employers  such as Catholic Charities and Prince of Peace Center -- which were born from  the same religious faith, and premised upon the same religious tenets and  principles, and operate as extensions and embodiments of the Church, but are not  subsidiaries of a parent corporation -- would not be treated the same as the  Church itself with respect to the free exercise of that religion." 


Colleagues of mine recently presented the following materials on the HHS Mandate to religious orders.  If you are interested in viewing the complete PowerPoint presentation, please click HHS%20mandate%20slides.pptx

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