How do we double the 3 percent of Latino families enrolled in Catholic Schools?

Catholic leaders recognize that for Catholic schools to flourish, we must be more successful in attracting Latino families to enroll their children and have to find ways to ensure Catholic education is affordable to these families.

This was one of the topics featured at the Leadership Roundtable's 2011 conference at Georgetown University focusing on FROM ASPIRATIONS TO ACTION: Solutions for America's Catholic Schools.

One of our partners, the Alliance for Catholic Education at Notre Dame University, The Catholic School Advantage campaign aims to to nearly double the Latino children currently enrolled in Catholic schools – from 3% to 6% – in the next 10 years, raising the number of Latino children enrolled in Catholic schools from 290,000 to 1 Million by 2020. How can this be achieved? You can download their report containing practical recommendations here.



What effective strategies have you witnessed at individual schools or in diocesan school systems that result in increased enrollment?

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Comment by Michael Brough on March 23, 2012 at 4:34pm

Which makes me wonder... when we draw up job adverts and position descriptions, for receptionists (in schools and parishes), for parish staff, for school governance boards, do we always have "fluency in spoken and written Spanish" as a requirement or at least, a plus?


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