Meaningful Engagement of Young Adults

The following is a excerpt from the discussion of a work group at the Leadership Roundtable's Annual Meeting regarding engaging young adults.  What suggestions, ideas, or responses to this discussion would you add?  How have you engaged young adults in a replicable and scaleable way?

"Emerging Adults” = identity exploration, instability, self-focused, in-between, possibilities (18-24)

  • Mentorship is important
  • Religion does matter and makes a difference (Smith, Christopher: “Souls in Transition”)
  • 68% retention rate (13% are reverts)
  • Most reverts are 25-34 (89% were confirmed)


Concrete Practical Suggestions:

  • Change the culture of engagement
  • Create additional forums or communities like ESTEEM
  • Our partnerships are also our other parishes in our dioceses
  • Create partnerships with the demographics you are talking about (not created by 50 year olds; top-down)
  • Every time we try to create something nationally, we shoot ourselves in the foot (stay locally)
  • Adapt our community without changing it (still have sacraments, etc.)
  • We can't invite Catholics back into the same community; how are we transitioning the ones that are already engaged?

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