New Cardinal doesn't like being called CEO, despite major administrative responsibilities

The largest diocese in Canada is in transition and at it's helm is new Cardinal, Thomas Collins.  The Toronto Star explores the challenges:

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins doesn’t like being called the archdiocese’s CEO. It has too much of a corporate ring for a man who sees himself as a simple evangelist. But administering to spiritual needs in Canada’s biggest Roman Catholic jurisdiction includes managing a multi-million dollar organization in transition. Salvation may be the ultimate goal, but aging bricks and mortar, strained human resources and changing demographics also require daily attention.

So for Cardinal Collins, the approach is to find "people much more competent than us" to do the administration:

“Our mission is not to be administering things — there are people much more competent than us to do things like that,” Collins says. “The main thing we have to do is get out there and proclaim the Gospel. That’s what we’re here for.”

Priests and Bishops are not ordained to be corporate CEOs but part of their governance of the parish/diocese is the responsibility to administer the temporal goods of the institution. How can laity and clergy best collaborate to utilize their respective gifts for the benefit of the faith community?

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