Pastoral Leadership in a Catholic Megaparish

Jeff Parrott has a fascinating article in US Catholic, Where 20,000 or 30,000 are gathered: Life in a Catholic megaparish,

Leadership Roundtable member Sr. Katarina Schuth is quoted in the article:

“She says tomorrow’s priests and lay leaders must be prepared to deal with the new reality of parish life in the United States.  “When we’re educating lay ministers, deacons, and seminarians, we have to prepare people for two extremes,” she says. “One is the large parish with the great big staff, where the priest becomes a manager and sole liturgical minister, and the other is that he is the manager of two or three small parishes.”

That’s going to require a new approach to formation for parish ministry, Schuth says. “The skill set is so different. The activities the priest manages at each of these is just night and day. It depends a lot on the leadership of the priest and the staff they gather around them whether they’ll succeed.”

You can read more from Sr. Katarina on page 49 of our report on Managerial Excellence here.

How big is too big when it comes to the super-sizing of US parishes?  What management and leadership training to priests and lay leaders require do minister effectively in such circumstances?

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