I have recently used The Gift of Administration by Fr. Don Senior in presentations related to church management and have found it a helpful resource to ground the temporal affairs of our Church in scripture and theology.  In particular, his reminder from St. Paul that administration is a gift from God for the Church and how our understanding of the Trinity and Incarnation informs our view of administration.

From the back cover of the book...

In his First Letter to the Corinthians Paul cites “administrators” as one of God’s gifts to the Christian community (1 Cor 12:28). But many who serve in administrative service today have difficulty seeing how their everyday work is an expression of discipleship. This book, written by an experienced administrator and noted biblical scholar, shows how the various functions of institutional administration are deeply rooted in the Scriptures and are a genuine expression of our call to discipleship. Leadership, mission statements and planning, finances and fund raising, personnel issues, communications, and public relations—all of these seemingly “secular” activities serve to build up the Body of Christ and deserve to be recognized as authentic Christian ministry. To see administrative service as a biblically rooted gift can help those involved in this way of life to find deeper and more satisfying spiritual meaning in what they do.

And Kerry Robinson, our executive director at the Leadership Roundtable had this to say...

"With equal parts erudition and inspiration in his remarkable book, The Gift of Administration, Donald Senior reframes the necessary work of administration as life-giving ministry. Grounded in Scripture and rich theological tradition, this book will surely inform and encourage all who are entrusted with the leadership and management of faith-based organizations."

If you are looking for great scriptural references to ground your work or include in presentations used to inform others about church management as a vital ministry of the Church you may want to pick up a copy.


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