Tom Brokaw, in his new book The Times of Our Lives, tells us that people in our country today are looking for economic justice.


December 6, 2011 marked the 25th anniversary of the publication of Economic Justice For All,  a pastoral letter developed by the Catholic Bishops of the United States.  Many of the economic issues that the bishops addressed in 1986 are very similar to those currently being experienced in the United States.  In this pastoral letter, the bishops used three standards to evaluate economic systems: what the system does for people, what the system does to people and how the system permits people to participate.  (The post assumes that  dioceses, parishes, and schools are economic systems.)  In addressing economic issues of employment, the bishops pledged to be exemplary in applying to themselves the standards they hold out for the broader society.


When looking at the diocese/parish/school in which you work, how do the three principles that govern the evaulation of economic systems apply in your workplace?  What does your system to for people, to people and how does it allow them to participate?



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